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Concrete Crack Repair – Types and Methods

Polyurethane Foams for Low Pressure Injection Crack Repair What is the better choice: polyurethane or epoxy? Epoxy is the better choice if structural strength is required to be maintained. If the crack is only repaired to prevent water leakage then…

Deck Collapse – Is Your Deck Safe?

Safety Alert: Study Reveals Sharp Increase in Deck Failures A landmark study reveals that there have been 179 reported deck collapses from January2000 through December 2006, killing 33 and injuring 1,122.By: Michael Morse, Brittney Corwin, Robert Morse and Andrew JohnsonIn…

Large Buildings and Fire Protection

The importance of fire protection has been proven over and over again when lives have been lost in large buildings whose fire protection equipment has been either compromised or disabled for various reasons. One large fire in a high rise, which started in café on first floor, which contributed to lost lives, was blamed on missing fire-stopping. Such a small failure can have disastrous consequences