How To Make Your Kitchen Look New Again

Because the kitchen is a central room in the house, it often plays an important role in defining the style of the ground floors in a house. The most common gathering place is usually the kitchen as people naturally gravitate towards the room with the food. You want to make sure your kitchen is in line with the rest of the house design wise so that everything goes together nicely.

The kitchen is also the best choice of rooms to remodel if you want to add new life to your house. When you redo your kitchen and update it, you will also be adding value to your home. As it is such a central room though, it is important to make your design choices carefully and make sure you have the right colors before starting.

The colors you choose for the kitchen are crucial because they set the tone for the room. The kitchen can often be seen from other parts of the house and so you must make sure the colors you choose blend in with their surroundings. People love to hang out in the kitchen and you dont want anything too dark. The kitchen should be a happy place where friends can get together to talk and enjoy food. Your kitchen colors will be instrumental in creating that happy atmosphere.

One of the first things a person sees when they walk into your kitchen is the cabinets. As they are all along the walls, they take up a big space. Kitchen cabinet ideas should be carefully considered when you remodel as it they are such an important part of the design of the kitchen.

If you dont have the money to buy new cabinets, you can have your old ones refaced. This is one of the cheapest ways to quickly give your kitchen a new updated look. The outside part of most kitchen cabinets will fade and look worn after years of use and refacing them is an easy way to make them look new again. This economical fix is perfect for todays real estate market when buyers are being discriminating.

Redoing the cabinets and changing the colors in your kitchen are two ways to make the most noticeable impact and make your kitchen look new again. The kitchen is always an important room and modernizing it will go a long way towards improving the overall look of your home. The Barrie housing market is moving at quick pace and fixing your home can get you more hard earned dollars than your competitors.

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How Additions To Your Home Can Increase Its Value

How Additions To Your Home Can Increase Its Value


Whether you’re ready to make a move or simply in need of a few upgrades, home improvements are often well worth the expense. Renovations do not have to be costly, as even the most minor of changes may spark dollar signs in a potential buyer’s eyes or help to rejuvenate your living space. However, while there are always ways to make changes to your home without going over budget, other routes may prove to be more expensive.


Without question, the kitchen is usually identified as the room with the most potential. Kitchen renovations bring more bang for their buck, dollar for dollar, than any other room within a home. When considering a kitchen remodel, it is important to keep the final goal in sight. Are you making improvements for yourself, your spouse, and your family, or do you need to put your own preferences aside and make changes that will appeal to prospective buyers?


New appliances can bring life to any lacklustre cooking space. If you are remodelling based on your own needs, the sky’s the limit. Appliances are available in a variety of colours and finishes, with a countless number of options and energy-saving rewards. To reap the full benefits of new appliances, choose coordinating fixtures. As simple as it sounds, abandoning old faucets is an easy way to perk up a dull kitchen.


Sitting almost at par with kitchen renovations are bathroom overhauls. Depending on the options chosen, a bathroom remodel does not have to break the bank, with a broad range of sinks, bathtubs, and toilets available at reasonable prices. When choosing fixtures, pay attention to water conservation and simplicity. While a shower enclosed in imported tiles may be beautiful to look at, choosing the one-piece corner unit from your local home improvement store will allow you invest more money in other upgrades.


Flooring updates are also a wonderful way to raise value throughout your entire house, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Many homeowners and potential buyers equate ceramic or porcelain tile with increased value, plus a tiled floor is easy to care for, rich in appearance, and practical. For the remainder of the home, hardwood is considered paramount by many, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, laminate flooring has come a long way, with a wide choice of colours and designs that imitate real hardwood.


Carpeting often receives mixed reviews, making it best to stick with flooring that is easier to maintain. When new, carpet looks great and provides a soft surface for tired feet, but as it ages, it can start to look dirty or worn. Carpet also attracts and holds dust, which may prove to cause problems down the road if you choose to sell and an allergen-aware family happens to view your home. However, given the options, carpet may still be a worthy investment. Unfinished basements are a prime example – covering concrete floors with any type of flooring, including carpet, is one step in the right direction.


While indoor changes may be necessary to increase the worth of your home, it is critical to address the outside as well. To give your home curb side appeal, you may want to replace the siding or roof, or consider adding a porch or deck. For less expensive options, a new front door, stone walkway, and shrubbery will work wonders. Gardens and landscaping should include plants, flowers, and accessories that are visually pleasing, yet functional. Spending hundreds of dollars on items that cannot survive in your environment is money well wasted.


If you would like to update the value of your home without making any major modifications, various extras will do the trick. To give an instant boost to a backyard deck, veranda, or gazebo, consider installing a hot tub. These luxurious tubs are great for parties, chilly evenings, or just a quiet night at home. They can also be installed indoors, as part of a bathroom, bedroom, or recreation room, keeping total relaxation at your fingertips. And if you already have a hot tub, replacing tired hot tub covers will surely make an impression.


Regardless of the direction you choose, any upgrade or addition to your home should pay off in the long run. Before embarking on a remodelling adventure, set a budget and draw up a set of plans. Even the smallest project can easily veer out of control, so it is important to stick to the guidelines and restrictions that you set early on. Also, be careful not to go overboard design-wise, keeping latest jobs in line with the rest of the home. An ultra-modern kitchen in a Victorian-inspired home may not provide the best results. Make choices that are timeless and cost-effective, and you will be on your way to a higher assessment in no time.


Jayne Hawkins is a freelance writer who specializes in home improvement and hot tub topics for Hot Tub Works.

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