Waterfront Cottage Inspections in Barrie ON

"Cottages" in Eastern Canada are generally located next to lakes, rivers, or the ocean in forested areas. They are used as a place to spend holidays with friends and family; common activities including swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, fishing, hiking, and sailing. There are also many well-known summer colonies.

How many times has your cottage been added onto?  Do you think the septic tank and leeching bed was upgraded every time?  Probably not and also there was probably not even a building permit taken out.   The further north you go the less likelihood of a building conforming to the Building Code.

If your cottage has a Shore Line Allowance, which is registered on title, you may want to make application to have it removed or closed. You would be responsible for the costs which are determined by the municipality. The purchasing and closing costs will vary, in some areas it may be substantial.

The most common form of supplying water from the well to the cottage is by a jet pump. The jet pump can be mounted in the cottage or home or in a pump house. This pump works by impeller and will not pump air which can lead to pump requiring priming if water source is not air tight.

These pumps draw water with water, in the pumping action. This therefore requires the lines to be ‘primed’, or filled with water before they will work. If a pump loses it’s ‘prime’ it will not pump anymore water until this is addressed. To stop the water from flowing back down into the well a one-way check valve is installed on the feeder line.

Some townships have implemented a septic tank inspection program at the request of waterfront property owners.  Many of the defects identified in Tiny and at Charleston Lake were minor and did not affect the system’s operation, but significant problems were also uncovered. Everything from tree roots, to leaks, to structures being built atop drainage beds have been discovered – all problems that will hamper the system’s proper operation.  

If buying a Cottage in Barrie, Midland, Orillia, Rama, Brechin, Lagoon City, Severn Falls or in this general area contact the Barrie Home Inspector for a Professional Cottage Inspection.  With over 4,000 inspections and as a Certified Building Code Official your investment is in good hands