Barrie Home Inspections Experiences Phenomenal Growth

Napoleon Home Inspections is proud to welcome aboard two highly qualified inspectors. Carl Kolbe is an experienced building inspector with over 10 years in the building industry and Brent Rowe is a graduate A.Sc.T. both fully trained and with excellent credentials. Napoleon Home Inspections has been based out of Barrie ON for the past five years and has built a solid reputation jumping into the fore front by introducing introducing their Fair Pricing Policy and a 100 % Money Back Guarantee Policy.¬† These industry leading commitments have lead to such a large increase in business that the “Barrie Home Inspector” has had to expand to meet the needs of the Simcoe County area.

In accordance with our Mission Statement to always provide exceptional service to our clients we have now added Thermal Imaging technology to our inspection process. This exciting new technology is allowing Professional Home Inspectors to detect hidden deficiencies by reading the heat signature radiated of the products used to build your home.

Thermal Imaging is an invaluable tool for energy loss detection. Our Thermal Imaging Camera has the ability to show air leaks and missing insulation. With a minimum of 10 deg F temperature differential we can identify where insulation was not installed, has slipped or was just installed improperly. Imagine the difference in your heating bills with just having a couple areas of missing insulation.

As always our goal to keep our clients as informed and educated as possible. We endeavor to do this by constantly exceeding training requirements and qualifications of all major home inspection associations and also investing in the latest technology to ensure we always provide a superior service in comparison.

As always, CAVEAT EMPTOR – buyer beware ūüôā

The PDI inspection ‚Äď What You Need To Know!



Many new home buyers will see their new home for the first time during their PDI inspection. Most builders do not encourage buyer to visit the new home site during construction, siting insurance concerns, but other builders welcome purchasers and allow them access to their home during construction.


Your Pre Delivery Inspection is a mandatory inspection required by Tarion and is conducted using Tarion’s checklist or a similar list supplied by your builder.


Many home owners are over whelmed by the prospect of inspecting their new home and often hire a professional home inspector to accompany them during the PDI inspection. I personally always recommend that the home owner notify the builder in writing that they will be bringing a home inspector as some builders are very resistant to having a professional inspect your home.


I recommend that the home owner bring a copy of the Tarion check list that is available on their web site and keep track of all items that they have looked at and any deficiencies that require the builders attention. As a professional home inspector I use a more in depth check list  which covers basically but not limited to the following:


·             structural components including foundation and framing, including probing a representative number of structural
components where deterioration is suspected or where clear indications of possible deterioration exist.

·             exterior wall covering, flashing and trim.                                        

·             exterior doors.

·             attached decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches, and their associated railings.        

·             eaves, soffits, and fascias where accessible from the ground level.

·             vegetation, grading, surface drainage, and retaining walls on the property when any of these are likely to
adversely affect the building.

·             walkways, patios, and driveways leading to dwelling entrances.

·             roof covering.      

·             roof drainage systems.            

·             roof flashings.        

·             skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations

·             interior water supply and distribution systems including all fixtures and faucets.

·             drain, waste and vent systems including all fixtures.                        

·             water heating equipment.

·             vent systems, flues, and chimneys.                                

·             fuel storage and fuel distribution systems.

·             drainage sumps, sump pumps, and related piping.

·             electrical service drop.                                                

·             electrical service entrance conductors, cables, and raceways.

·             electrical service equipment and main disconnects.                        

·             electrical service grounding.

·             interior components of electrical service panels and sub panels.        

·             electrical conductors.

·             electrical over current protection devices.                   

·             a representative number of installed lighting fixtures, switches, and receptacles.        

·             ground fault circuit interrupters.

·             installed heating equipment.        

·             heating vent systems, flues, and chimneys

·             installed central and through-wall cooling equipment.

·             interior walls, ceilings, and floors.                                 

·             steps, stairways, and railings.

·             countertops and a representative number of installed cabinets.        

·             a representative number of doors and windows.

·             garage doors and garage door operators.

·             insulation and vapour retarders in unfinished spaces.        

·             ventilation of attics and foundation areas.

·             mechanical ventilation systems.

·             fireplace system components.        

·             fireplace vent systems, flues, and chimneys.

Every house is different and each inspection will identify items that are unique to that particular home. There are many similarities to deficiencies found while inspecting homes but as homes are built by humans there is the possibility for almost any conceivable mistake possible to be present.


Some home inspectors argue that cosmetic damage is not within the scope of the Tarion PDI inspection. I differ on this completely. It has been my experience that home owners that do not make a note of minor dents, scratches on floors or cupboards etc on their PDI, find that when they identify them on their 30 day list the builder has disputed the fact because they were not included on the initial PDI checklist. Not all builders are cut from the same cloth but I have encounter circumstances where the client had to chase after the builder who had got¬† them to sign off on the PDI before completing inspection. He had told them that it was not a ‚Äúbig deal‚ÄĚ and just to list everything on the 30 day inspection report.


The cost of a professional home inspection, we only charge a maximum of $279.00 and start at $199.00, is pretty small when you consider the cost of repairing,¬† doors, floors, cupboards, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, missing insulation, poor workmanship and the many items that are found on a regular basis.¬† On one new home that I inspected last year, the roofer had used different coloured shingles under the soffit, hoping no one would notice. Now I don‚Äôt want to imply your builder is involved in trying to defraud you from what you have bought and paid for, but in some cases mistakes happen and you don‚Äôt receive what you bought and paid for. It is my job and responsibility to recognise and inform you of¬† any short comings or damages found during your Pre Delivery Inspection. Remember when choosing a professional home inspector ‚Äď CAVEAT EMPTOR = BUYER BEWARE ‚Äď ask questions ( an informed consumer is a smart comsumer)


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$129.00 Home Inspection or Thermal Scan

We are offering our customers a completely new service at the best possible price in Barrie, Orillia or Alliston. You can now have a Professional Home Inspection or Thermal Scan of your home for the low price of $129.00.

You still receive all the benefits of our expertise and we completely inspect your house, from top to bottom. We don’t skimp on any aspect of your inspection. We start at your sidewalk and inspect right up to your attic. We still climb up and inspect your roof and perform all the details of our regular inspection package.

The reason we can reduce our price for these services is we don’t provide a written report. With our standard inspection report we provide an oral report plus a computer generated report with usually 40 to 60 images of your home and any defects found or even maintenance issues that might be found or might soon become an issue.

This new inspection offering is great for people who just want some reassurance for the home they are buying or really can not justify paying up to $350.00 plus for a regular inspection.

Selling your home, well this is the package you need. Get the benefit of a professional inspector, with over 1,500 paid home inspections, Certified Building Code Official, inspect your home and prevent those nasty surprises that sometime pop up when your buyers home inspector is finished.

Our Thermal Scan

Whether you just want a professional inspection without a written report or our regular inspection package, you are guaranteed to save money and still obtain the best inspection service available in Barrie, Alliston or Orillia.

Our Thermal Scan inspections is also available for $129.00 which includes a full thermal scan of all your exterior surfaces, bathrooms, utility, kitchen and electrical panel. We are the first company in Barrie, Alliston and Orillia to offer this new technology and as we continue to provide new services and innovations which always benefit our clients. So when choosing a company to inspect your next real estate investment, choose a leader not a follower!

We offer a 100% Money-back guarantee on our $129.00 inspection package as with all our services.

Written by Roger Frost

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Water Intrusion – Sneaky and Damaging

Water is one of the most common reasons that damage occurs to homes. The exterior is especially vunerable to the onslaught of water and moisture, the slow but sure deterioration of a homes cladding, windows and foundation if not properly maintained. I have written many articles on the value of proper drainage and grading of building lots etc but there is always a surprise or two waiting for a chance to damage your home.

I recently came across a rather unique story regarding water intrusion into a home, and from a very unusual source, the hydro service.  This homeowner had a basement room which had a moisture odour but no source could be detected. The odour would come and go with no apparent source for the problem.  This spring the carpet got wet and this being an inside wall, again no apparent cause.  After removing the carpet and then the drywall the source became apparent, the hydro service was leaking water down the wall and under the carpet. 

The homeowners insurance would not cover this as the source was from an un-heated area.  As always you can always count on your insurance company to stand by you when it is time to collect money, but when it comes to paying out any, there is always a loophole which prevents you from being covered.  This particular home owner had to add another main panel, run hydro from the service at side of garage overhead and then down the wall into the existing panel, then capping off the leaking underground service.

Personally I have never heard of this type of water penetration before and unless the service was leaking or there were signs of water penetration, would be impossible to pick up on a home inspection.  An example of some of the un-expected problems that can occur for home owners.

Written by

Roger Frost


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